Your weekend scent candy 🤩

Woot woot, TGIF, and ah, the smell of a fun-filled weekend right around the corner! 

As much as we love to lounge around our place in 2-day old clothes, binge-watch TV series, and snooze in and out of our fourth nap of the day, there’s just a KICK to having productive and fun weekend plans laid out. 

Let us walk you through ideal weekend activities and of course, the perfume pairings that go well (duh!) and we’ve made it unisex-friendly. 

1. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP

We don’t make the rules, but the weekends should always begin with BRUNCH. We’re talking pastries, a big breakfast, lattes, juice, smoothies, pasta, and not to forget spritzes of perfume. Enjoy the noon ambiance with Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP,  which infuses a touch of opulence and elegance into your morning. A luxurious blend of saffron, jasmine, ambergris, cedarwood, and resin captures the essence of leisurely moments, where time stands still as you savor every bite and conversation. 

2. Diptyque Ilio EDT

Once you’ve filled your stomachs and hearts, it’s time to indulge in a therapeutic activity - pottery classes. Where you can simply, turn your brain off and enjoy a simple moment or discover a newfound hobby. The environment in pottery studios is often bright and refreshing to the eye hence the invigorating concoction of lemon, bergamot, lavender, fig leaves, warm woods, and cedarwood enhances your sensory experience while crafting with your bare hands. Get that creative juices pumpin’ and embrace the whimsy that this fragrance embodies, and let it inspire you to craft your pottery pieces. Work that magic, love! 

3. Giorgio Armani Prive Cypres Pantelleria EDT 

Now, we’ve been bummin on our butts for quite a while and it’s time to get our blood circulation up! We are not gonna suggest a strenuous activity (well, not SUPER strenuous) but it does require a significant amount of upper body strength, and that’s bouldering! On this athletic pursuit, an air of sophistication and invigoration joins you with every handhold and foothold.  Giorgio Armani Prive Cypres Pantelleria EDT bottles a combination of zesty bergamot, crisp green fig leaves, cypress, earthy lentisque, amber, and musk to keep you high-spirited and fresh with the physical and mental challenge ahead of you. We know you got this IN THE BAG! 

4. Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP 

After all that sweat and nerve-wracking chills, you deserve to take it easy and enjoy a nice dinner and a couple of drinks to ease your everyday stresses. Your pair for the evening is Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP as a prelude to an evening of delightful eats and memorable conversations. Crafted with black cherry, luscious cherry liqueur, jasmine, Turkish rose, warm accords of tonka bean, vanilla, and Peru balsam together exude mystery and allure making you an unforgettable individual to all. Talk about main character moment! 

We believe you’ve got your weekend planned out now. Have fun for us! 

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