Your Perfume Personality: INFP

Let your Myer-Briggs personality type shine through with the best fragrances for the INFP personality type.

INFP personality types are characterized as introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. They are typically creative, idealistic, and independent, and often have strong moral principles and a deep appreciation for art and beauty.

This personality type is often driven by a strong sense of duty and altruism and wants to make the world a better place. They tend to be introverted, preferring to think before speaking, and are often idealistic in their beliefs and values.

INFPs are often open-minded and accepting of different points of view, which makes them easy and relaxing to hang around with. Accepting of diversity, they get along well with anyone and make a relaxing, easygoing atmosphere.

While INFPs tend to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances, and they prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible.


Maison Margiela By The Fireplace EDT

Sweet, smoky and woody, By The Fireplace perfectly captures the introverted, fine arts, introspective INFP on a staying home on a Saturday night. 

By The Fireplace opens with warm and spicy clove and peppery notes reminiscent of a warm cinnamon bun and warm chai, drying down into a sweet, smoky vanilla that is the perfect complement to your midnight lull in front of Hitchcock's Psycho playing on your TV.

View more details on By The Fireplace here.


Love, Don't Be Shy by Kilian

Love, Don't Be Shy is an oriental gourmand scent, with top notes of orange blossom, honeysuckle, and rose, and base notes of marshmallow, vanilla, and tonka bean.

This fragrance was carefully crafted to evoke the exhilarating rush and excitement of first love, with bashful glances and late-night texts with the euphoric rush of dopamine of an INFP in love. 

The sweetness and sensuality of Love, Don't Be Shy is both innocent and playful, making it the perfect complement to the shy and introverted INFP looking for platonic and romantic love. 

View more details on Love Don't Be Shy here


Giorgio Armani Prive Thé Yulong Soie de Nacre EDT

Thé Yulong Soie de Nacre opens with crisp, citrusy notes that perfectly capture the bright and ovely atmosphere of spring.

It develops into an aromatic, tea scent with notes of black tea and green tea, that take you on a journey through the natural, quiet landscape.

Escape into your own fantasyland of introspection with its tasteful mix of jasmine and warm, ambrette finish. Romanticise your life, grab you cup of coffee feeling refreshed with Thé Yulong. 

View more details on Thé Yulong Soie de Nacre here


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