Your MBTI Perfume Personality: ISTJ

Your Perfume Personality: ISTJ

Let your Myer-Briggs personality type shine through with the best fragrances for the ISTJ personality type.

Introverted (I) and inclined to facts (Te) rather than feeling, the ISTJ is quiet and serious in their approach to success, thorough and dependable in their performance. This personality type relies more on their Se inclination to focus on the information at face value and make decisions based on the available data, rather than interpret and make meaning out of it. ISTJ personality types are down-to-earth, realistic, and responsible.

This personality type decides logically what should be done and works toward it steadily, minimizing distractions that might get in the way of achieving their end goal. They are organized and gain immense pleasure in making everything perfect and orderly in their work, home, and daily life.

Adherence to tradition and loyalty is important to the ISTJ personality type. With these personality considerations, a classic, timeless fragrance is ideal.



Burberry London Femme EDP

Described as a modern yet elegant scent, Burberry London Femme EDP is the perfect fragrance for the quiet and grounded ISTJ woman. 

This scent was created to celebrate the city of London, the metropolis of England which boasts an amazing meld of culture, history, and modernity. 

This perfume's opening tangerine and honeysuckle notes are refreshing and dry into an elegant musky sandalwood that encompass the determined, driven ISTJ female's personality while maintaining her touch of femininity. 

View more details on Burberry London Femme EDP here


Davidoff Cool Water EDT


Inspired by the saline freshness of the ocean, Davidoff Cool Water EDT perfectly captures the cool, silent nature of the ISTJ male. Like the waves consistently padding on the shore and smoothening the grooves on rocks and pebbles, the ISTJ man is determined and unwavering in his journey to achieve his goals.

View more details on Davidoff Cool Water EDT here.


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