Your Cup of Tea: The Aromas of Tea Fragrances

Are you in love with that aromatic and comforting smell of a freshly brewed cup of tea? Tea is not only a favorite beverage but has also become a popular ingredient in fragrances. Your favorite tea can now be enjoyed in a whole new way – as a delightful scent!

But how do perfumers incorporate the essence of tea into their fragrances? Tea leaves are carefully selected and extracted and then blended with other ingredients to create a unique scent. These scents can be light and refreshing, or bold and complex, depending on the blend of ingredients used.

From the delicate and soothing aroma of white tea to the smoky notes of black tea, tea-inspired fragrances offer a wide range of scents that are loved by fragrance enthusiasts. 

Elizabeth Arden White Tea EDT

Find Your Moment. Pure. Exquisite. Uncomplicated. Elizabeth Arden White Tea is inspired by the simple pleasure that accompanies the first sip of tea. Pure and exquisitely uncomplicated, this new fragrance invites you to revel in the moment and lose yourself in a warm memory, perfect for the woman who wants to immerse herself in the moment.

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Giorgio Armani Privé The Yulong Soie de Nacre EDT

The perfect balance between the freshness of green tea and citrus and the intensity of black tea and smoked woods, infused with silky pearls that illuminate the skin. Thé Yulong is a unique aromatic combination of black tea and green tea extracts that takes you on a sensory journey through the Yulong Mountains. A fragrance that contains all the notes and contrasts of tea in a subtle blend of black and green leaves. A smoky, woody yet fresh and citrusy fragrance.

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Le Labo The Noir 29 EDP 

A perfume that is an ode to the noble tea leaf and the craft that surrounds it. It combines depth and freshness, softness and strength through permanent oscillation between the light of bergamot, fig and bay leaves and the depth of cedarwood, vetiver and musk. A special extraction of black tea leaves wraps up the composition, transforming this creation into a sensuous and addictive essence. Citrus, rich, soft, fresh and sensuous.

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