Throwback Tuesday: Perfume Perfect in Mean Girls (2004)

Hop in loser, we’re going perfume shopping! Read on for an investigative guide to the fragrance profiles of the iconic characters in 2004 chick flick Mean Girls.

Mean Girls (2004) starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdam and Amanda Seyfried has established its status as a cult classic with its painfully realistic portrayal of teenage life behind the glitz and glamour of popular girls.

This cult favourite film has led to the iconic rise of pink fur, bell bottoms, and several catchphrases that have taken the Internet and meme culture by storm. Now, it’s time for Mean Girls to leave its mark on fragrance fanatics as we profile the characters into our favourite scents that epitomise these beloved onscreen darlings.


Regina George

Fierce, sassy and confident, Regina is the ringleader of the terrifying trio including Gretchen Weiners and Karen Smith. She is self-assured, and refuses to back  down from a threat, always emerging on top. 

Flower by Kenzo EDP

Our fragrance pick for Regina is Flower by Kenzo EDP. A sensual, powdery floral fragrance, Flower perfectly captures Regina’s sweet outward appearance, and fiery personality that burns whatever it touches.

Coupled with a sensual vanilla and musk, Flower dries down to a sexy, bold finish that sends only one message: Regina is not to be trifled with.

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Karen Smith

Doe-eyed and air headed, Karen Smith is the opposite counterpart to sassy Regina. Karen is ditzy and clueless, but proves herself to be an onscreen sweetheart loved by the audience.

Burberry My Burberry Blush EDP

Fruity and floral with a juicy punch, this lovely fragrance is the fragrance epitome of Karen. This scent conveys the feeling of bright spring, with flowers fresh in bloom and spirited energy lumbering about.

Like Karen, Burberry My Burberry Blush EDP is a sweet, classic scent you can always fall back on.

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Gretchen Weiners

Wealthy and beautiful, Gretchen is the loyal counterpart of the Plastics. She is the daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudel, and struts her status by frequently dressing in preppy attire. Plaids and navy blues run her onscreen closet.

Burberry London Femme EDP 

Modern and elegant, this fragrance is the perfect scent for Gretchen, who revels in luxury and wealth. The sweetness of the honeysuckle is balanced out crisply by the citrusy tangerine and clementine for the feeling of warm spring.

Peony is added for an exotic edge, perfect for those who enjoy a special touch of femininity in their fragrances.

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Cady Heron

Settling into Evanston, Illinois after twelve years in Africa, Cady is  just a little bit out of the box and trying to fit in with her peers. Shy, sheepish and awkward, Cady reminds us of ourselves in our teenage years.

YSL Mon Paris EDP

Mon Paris is YSL’s bold spin on the widely loved classic Eau de Parfum. Mature and elegant, Mon Paris represents perfectly Cady’s metamorphosis into a kinder version of herself after she makes amends, and goes through a difficult journey of self discovery.

Mon Paris is thus the perfect embodiment of Cady. Newer, better, yet true to its roots.

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