SPOTTED: I’VRE covering Gossip Girl perfumes

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Just in, we’ve got the scoop for you on the personalities and perfume pairings of the elites on the Upper East Side on the iconic TV series Gossip Girl. Shall we begin decoding together? 

Golden Girl or the ultimate IT Girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen is a true archetype of feminine beauty. From her beautiful clothing, luscious blonde hair, gorgeous legs, and especially seductive personality it’s no shocker that her enigmatic and ethereal presence intrigues many’s attention across Manhattan. 

And here’s where Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl EDP enters the chat. The killer looking bottle captures the essence of duality with a scent that evolves from notes of coffee to floral, and finally to vanilla. It's a fragrance that acknowledges that a modern woman is more than just one thing – she is both angelic and audacious, innocent and seductive, all of which S is no foreigner to. 

Exuding timeless beauty and elegance, Blair Waldorf with perfectly coiffed brown hair that effortlessly blends classic beauty with a hint of mischievous allure and wit is the queen of fashion on the Upper East Side. Her love for curated high fashion pieces crowns her as a fashion icon and trendsetter. No trend hits the streets without Queen B’s approval! 

It’s no secret that Blair and Dior’s Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT share one thing in common and that is a fusion of classic and contemporary. The exquisite blend of floral, fruity, musky, and powdery notes mirrors Blair’s undeniable charm. And oh, peonies happen to be her favorite flower which her Grimaldian Prince gave in to before things went sideways 👀

With puppy eyes like Nate Archibald’s, it would be ILLEGAL to not be weak in the knees! As a walking definition of heart eyes, his chiseled features, messy but HOT dirty blonde hair, and razor-sharp jawline makes him a certified heartthrob. Between preppy sophistication and casual looks, Golden Boy embodies the refined aesthetic of the Upper East Side like no other. 


Just as Nate exudes irresistible charm, Polo Ralph Lauren Blue EDT bottles magnetic charm. With a dynamic blend of aromatic marine, citrusy, woody, and earthy notes tingling the olfactory system, it’s a fragrance that represents vitality and optimism. All of which Nate graduates with honors from! 

All eyes are on Chuck Bass for his dark mystery, undeniable allure, and brooding charisma that never fails to make the ladies SWOON. His distinctive and striking appearance with his tailored suits, signature scarf, and enigmatic expression creates an aura that exudes pure confidence from head to toe. 

An embodiment of sophistication and timeless masculinity, Mont Blanc Legend EDP is a tribute to a modern man who exudes confidence, charisma, and refined style all of which Bass thrives off! The mixture of woody, citrusy, and earthy notes creates a fusion of captivating aromas that is as unforgettable as Chuck Bass’s iconic “Hi. I am Chuck Bass” introductory line. 

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