Skin Whisperer: Your skin, but better!

Spritz! Think about it, how sometimes a certain scent feels peculiar but personal, mysterious yet it rings a bell, and it smells different on each individual. We get it, it's slightly mind-boggling! 

We don’t mean to bore you with this fact but when a fragrance comes in contact with your skin, an obvious chemical reaction takes place. Hence, a scent-olfactive outcome depends on how it reacts with everything that makes up your natural body odor - body temperature, skin pH balance, and a whole lot more. 

Here, skin scents are responsible for going deeper into that chemistry and are made specifically to enhance your natural musk. Our skin scent, she’s a subtle one! Can never hide under them because they softly play with your natural scent but NEVER try to OVERPOWER. The secret ingredient is that for a scent to be truly transparent and enhance your natural scent, it needs to give enough space for the wearer’s own chemistry.

We wouldn’t let you off without a couple of unisex-friendly suggestions! Indulge in the aroma of your own skin with these: 

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning EDT  

Bottled with a delicate bouquet of lily of the valley, gentle white musk, softness of white rose, sweet vanilla, and creamy patchouli it embraces the beauty of simplicity and familiarity of your own skin. It’s not on us if you if you get lost in the comfort of your sheets, this Sunday! 

Diptyque L’eau Papier EDT 

Effortlessly melds with your skin? Say no more! A blend of sparkling bergamot, sweet neroli, and orange blossom for the floral touch, musk, and white woods envelop you like a second skin. It is a true composition that feels like an extension of your very being. If you ask us, it couldn’t get any more personalized! 

Now, you have bragging rights to say your natural scent smells this BOMB! Your secret is safe with us.