Supporting Local: Why We Matter

I'VRE Singapore is a homegrown Singaporean brand. Read on to find out why supporting local businesses like ours is vital for Singapore's future. 


In Singapore, competition between local and larger known foreign brands is tight. It is typically harder for local companies to compete with bigger, international brands that have more resources and capital to market to Singaporean consumers.

This usually causes Singaporean brands to fall behind because of the smaller scale of business and lesser resources available.

Continue reading to find out why it is equally, if not more important to support Singaporean businesses today.


Giving back

ivre singapore perfume subscription support local

What goes around comes around. Shopping locally in Singapore contributes to the profits of local companies, which in turn incurs higher taxes paid to the government for building infrastructure. 

Consider a swanky new train station right next to your home, or sheltered walking pavements for your added convenience! You can never really go wrong with supporting local businesses, because it all comes back to you.


Improved Customer Experience

ivre singapore perfume subscription support local customer service

Local business owners tend to treasure their customers and the relationships they forge with them. They recognize that their customers are the backbone of their livelihoods, and will approach customers with more sincerity and in a friendlier manner.

With local business owners, expect tip-top customer service because they need the support from local customers to sustain their businesses. They understand the importance of a positive customer experience, and will want you to have only the best customer experience shopping with them. 

At I'VRE, we are available for you round the clock to ensure the best customer experience. 


Sustaining the local community

ivre singapore perfume subscription support local

Supporting local business owners helps to circulate money within the country, and ensures the sustainability of the local economy. Compared to larger corporations and chains, local businesses tend to inject a larger portion of their income back into the Singaporean economy.

Think printing and packaging, these local aunties and uncles will find increased sales from local businesses who go the extra mile for your thank you cards.


Creating jobs and stimulating the economy

ivre singapore perfume subscription support local

Supporting homegrown businesses and local startups helps to create jobs and in turn stimulates the local economy, which improves the Singaporean economy. Oftentimes, local businesses employ Singaporeans because of proximity. 

As a result, there are more jobs available for locals to take up, causing the job market to be less competitive, making it easier for locals to find a job after graduation. Eventually, supporting local businesses will help to lower the unemployment rate in Singapore.


Keen to find out more about the behind-the-scenes of brains behind I'VRE Singapore? Check out the exclusive interview with our friendly founders and peep their favourite fragrance picks. Learn more about our perfume subscription service here and #SupportLocal when you subscribe with us today.