Perfume 101: Perfume Boxes for Your Fragrances

If you find yourself fretting about touching up your fragrance with a bulky perfume bottle, hesitating to commit to a full-sized bottle of fragrance, or even perplexed about choosing your first fragrance, this article is for you.

Perfume subscription boxes offer shoppers convenience in their compact bottle, and flexibility with their choices of scents, and no-commitment policies that you cancel, or resubscribe to at any time

As such, these subscription boxes have become every perfume wearer’s best friend. 

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Anytime, anywhere

The most evident advantage of having a perfume subscription box is the perfumes’ ease of application. The fragrances come in sleek, pocket-sized atomisers that can be slipped into the smallest of pockets, or daintiest of purses.

Slip outside for a few moments into the privacy of the bathroom, or powder room and simply reach for your travel-sized perfume bottle and refresh your fragrance. These compact bottles offer convenience on the go like no other.


Indulgence that won’t break the bank

Artisanal fragrances are meticulously created with top-notch ingredients in the lab and typically do not come cheap. If your fragrance of choice happens to fall within this category of perfumes, you may hang back and delay your purchase, or feel buyer’s remorse when you finally snag the fragrance.

As an alternative, perfume subscription boxes offer an affordable and portable solution to the debacle of overpaying for full-size perfume bottles. As a bonus, these subscription boxes usually have flexible subscription policies - which means that you can cancel or continue your subscription at any point in time.

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Discover new avenues

Perfume subscription boxes are a wonderful way for you to discover new scents, if you are looking to switch things up or experiment with different scent combinations.

Try layering different fragrances over top of your current perfume for a familiar, yet refreshing scent, or go wild and create a super-scent with different kinds of fragrances. With perfume subscription boxes, fragrances are at your fingertips.

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Skip the fragrance Russian Roulette

 If you are a beginner to perfumes and are still trying to find your personal scent, trying out a perfume subscription box could be your express ticket to finding the one. Fragrances are constituted of different chemicals that react differently with everyone’s body chemistry, which leaves distinct scents on different people.

On top of that, the perfume’s scent can change throughout the day as the top notes dissipate, leaving its middle and base notes which are not very detectable at first spritz. The travel-sized perfumes are an excellent way for you to experience the full scent profile of the perfume without missing a beat, so you can make a well-informed decision when you finally decide to commit to a full-sized bottle.


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