It takes 2 to slay

We are sure that you’ve heard that a well-tailored dress can convey one's personality and mood, and leave it to perfumes to leave an unforgettable impression. Not only does it enhances the aura of an outfit, but it also has head turning and memories lingering.

Here are some trends that are hot on the streets and perfume pairings that elevate your entire look. 


The era where metallic fabrics inspired and holographic finishes were juxtaposed with vintage- silhouettes. If your closet is filled with 80% of crop tops, low-rise jeans, mini skirts, and chunky platform boots, we’ve got you girlfriend! Slay your look and radiate retro edgy vibes with perfume notes of citrus, fresh green, and musk. These notes exude playfulness, self-expression, and nostalgia that the baddies strut with. 

Juicy Couture Viva La Noir EDP 

Think - bold femininity, unapologetic allure, and a powerful accessory to bleed self-expression. It emboldens a modern woman to embrace her inner magnetism with its intoxicating blend of fruity, floral, and gourmand notes leading you one step closer to the spotlight. 

Calvin Klein CK One EDT

A sleek bottle that captures a blend of fresh, floral, and musky notes that becomes an olfactory emblem of an era that once embraced breaking molds, celebrating individuality, and reveling in the art of self-discovery. Pioneered as a unisex scent CK One, encapsulates freedom, self-expression, and youthful energy that y2k baddies thrive off. 


On a completely contrasting note, balletcore communicates comfort, youth, and elegance. From leg warmers, wraps, leggings, and feminine athleisure wear to ultra-feminine performance wear with materials like tulle, satin, sheer, and mesh come together. The spirit of ballerinas and perfumes intertwines with ineffability and complexity. Powdery and musk notes are some classic notes that exude soft, feminine elegance that balletcore screams. 

Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Magnolia Alba

A masterpiece that captures the essence of natural beauty and timeless allure. With its exquisite blend of citrus, floral, and woody notes, this fragrance becomes a tribute to the delicate balance between strength and softness that ballerinas exude with each twirl and it is reflected in balletcore. 

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness EDP 

More than just a pretty bottle on your vanity - it's a declaration of embracing life's beautiful moments, no matter big or small. Bottled with a spirit of confidence, grace, and the joy of self-expression, it holds an exquisite blend of fruity, floral, and gourmand notes. Lancome La Vie Est Belle embraces the beauty that is inherent in living, similar to taking out traditional ballet wear for a spin to add depth to the current fashion scene. 


Next up, making a comeback we have old money aesthetics where timeless and elegant pieces come together and give off uber-wealthy looks that are here to stay. Staples in your closet that guarantee this is your aesthetic includes linens, quality jackets, capris, quality button-ups, vests, and the crucial polos. With old money’s strong affiliation with ‘quiet luxury’, the scents that pair well are woody aromatic scents that remain a classic, just like the sense of style. 

Guerlain Shalimar EDP 

A symphony of timelessness and beauty containing an appealing blend of citrus, floral, and oriental notes which all come together to embrace your inner allure and exude an air of confidence. It is an ode to the art of eternal elegance that old money aesthetics shines bright with. 

Diptyque's Philosykos EDP

A classy vanity piece bottling a masterful blend of nature's finest elements, being green, fruity, and woody notes. Diptyque's Philosykos, is a sophisticated accessory that complements the refined tastes and distinguished lifestyle of those who appreciate the art of true craftsmanship, translating right back to the value of quiet luxury.