How We Keep Prices Low

"Why are your designer perfumes so affordable?"
Learn about how we keep prices low for our customers here. 


Perfume is a luxury item that many of our customers enjoy using to enhance their personal style and leave a lasting impression at an event, or complement an outfit. However, purchasing high-quality perfumes can quickly add up, making it difficult for many to justify buying multiple bottles.

This is where perfume subscription companies like us come in, offering people the opportunity to receive a monthly or quarterly supply of expensive designer perfumes at a fraction of the cost.


Benefitting from economies of scale 

At I'VRE, the key factor behind how we keep our prices low is economies of scale.

Economies of scale refer to the savings that arise from producing and distributing goods or services on a larger scale. When a company increases its output, it can spread its fixed costs (such as rent, salaries, and equipment) over a larger number of units, reducing the cost per unit.

In our case, our large quantities of perfumes purchased from the manufacturer yields a much lower price per unit than an individual consumer making a single purchase. Additionally, our good relations with our supplies allow us to negotiate better shipping rates and purchase supplies in bulk, further reducing costs.

The bulk purchases are made possible thanks to the high demands from customers that appreciate the convenience of a perfume subscription service - which is why we believe the customers should be the ones enjoying the reduced cost!

Economies of scale is a simple concept that is also a demonstration of the power of community. The more subscribers we have, the more we are capable of bringing in hundreds of different luxury fragrances to offer at a fraction of their retail prices.


Our marketing efforts
Another way that we benefit from economies of scale is through our marketing efforts. Instead of marketing each product individually, we market multiple brands at once, reaching a larger audience and potentially reducing marketing costs per brand.

Our subscriber base allows us to negotiate better deals with perfume brands and other suppliers, passing the savings on to customers in the form of lower subscription prices.

Too good to be true?

While we pride ourselves in offering designer and niche fragrances to our customers at affordable prices, our team has received various queries from customers regarding the authenticity of our scents. 

Besides our low prices, we are fully committed to ensuring full transparency for our customers at every step of their purchases. As such, we can safely guarantee our customers that all of our fragrances are 100% authentic, with every shipment's batch codes and production dates verified.


By taking advantage of economies of scale, we offer customers high-quality perfumes at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually. Our subscribers enjoy a variety of scents, lower prices, and lose the headache of having an expensive bottle of perfume spoil.


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