Fragrance Notes: Why does it not smell the same on me?!

No catfights are allowed here because we’ve got the answer to your question. “Why does the fragrance smell different on you than your bestie?! We have the same perfume!” We hear ya.

Not to bore you with a biology class but, our beautiful bodies are composed of unique combinations of hormones, oils, and sweat glands. These components play a major role in influencing how we experience perfume as they react individually to its scent molecules. Essentially, it comes down to individual biology makeup and the varying factors that affect it! 

Your skin-tuationship 

Simply spritzing your favourite perfume leads the molecules of the scent to interact with the chemicals in one’s skin, creating a PERSONALISED AROMA for each wearer. Talk about being exclusive! 

However bear in mind that one’s hydration levels, pH balance, and diet play an influence in the grand scheme of things. Additionally, when fragrance layering comes into the picture, the combination of various notes reacts differently when blended with someone’s natural body chemistry, leading to your nose picking up hints of different scents. 

Molecules weightage 

One size does not fit all! Different types of molecules possess varying weights. Some evaporate quickly due to their light molecular composition, while others persist longer due to their heavier weight. 

For instance, your woods and resin tend to linger on the skin longer, in comparison to citrus and floral notes which dissipate swiftly after application. On the bright side, these scents may be more pronounced in some skin types compared to others! You’ve gotta pick your fighter. 

Hot stuff 

Not forgetting, our body temperature and sweat levels can have a bearing on how long the scent of a fragrance lasts – whether it is during the day or night depending upon one’s activity level.

The higher one’s body temperature, the more likely sweat will cause faster evaporation of scent molecules from perfume thus leaving behind a less noticeable aroma. Who knew, being HOT had such a consequence?! 

Perfume is a highly personal scent that varies from INDIVIDUAL TO INDIVIDUAL. 

Numerous elements contribute to how it smells on different people, including body chemistry and skin type, but now that you are informed, you can make choices that WORKS FOR YOU!