Fragrance Focus: Maison Margiela Jazz Club

Learn more about Maison Margiela's crowd favourite: Jazz Club, a sweet, smoky, and spicy fragrance that has enjoyed cult status and remained a staple fragrance since its release in 2013.


Picture a jazz club, a typically dimly lit and intimate space with a relaxed atmosphere where guests come to listen to live jazz music, accompanied by drinks and snacks.

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The atmosphere is lighthearted with people talking and laughing in between musical sets of saxophones, bass, drums, trumpets, and more. With a sophisticated feel created by the dim lighting and music, many jazz clubs also feature art displays and other decorations that further contribute to the atmosphere.

Sweet, smoky tobacco lingers in the air with the smell of old leather and spice.
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Jazz Club is a unisex fragrance with a warm, spicy aroma featuring top notes of lemon and pink pepper that give way to a heart of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The base notes of this scent is composed of woody notes such as cedarwood, sandalwood, and tobacco leaf absolute, as well as cocoa and leather.

The overall effect is a cozy, intimate scent that evokes lively and relaxing atmosphere of a private club and the warm scents of liqueur and cigar smoke.

 i'vre sg perfume subscription jazz club

Jazz Club also perfectly embodies the relaxing and enjoyable experience of smoking a cigar and enjoying a sweet, malty whiskey on the rocks.

Smoky and sweet, this scent thoughtfully captures the experience of smoking a cigar, which involves taking the time to savor and appreciate the cigar which provides a variety of sensations.

The aroma of the tobacco, the taste of the smoke and the heat of the smoke as it passes through your mouth with a slight burn in your throat and a feeling of relaxation as you exhale the smoke.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club has good sillage and projection, which blends into a softer and more subtle scent throughout the day. On cooler days, its warm notes make it a delectable fragrance you cannot resist. 


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