Fragrance Focus: Jo Malone Moonlit Camomile

Learn more about Jo Malone's crowd favourite: Moonlit Camomile, one of the market's newest and most popular fragrances since its release in 2022. 


Released in 2022, Jo Malone's Moonlit Camomile is a modern, yet delicate and dreamy fragrance, with a blend of sweet chamomile, honeyed sandalwood, and warm amber.

Moonlit Camomile is described as a calming and aromatic scent that is inspired by feathery English chamomile leaves and blue moonflowers. It has musky, yet gentle floral tones that make it the perfect scent for any occasion, whether you are heading out for a day running errands, lunch with friends, or dinner at the latest upscale restaurants in town.

No matter the weather, the soothing scent of chamomile combined with the sweet, fruity and slightly minty notes of moonflower make this a perfect scent for any time of day. Think of the breezy February and March, scorching mid-year months, or the cooler periods. This musky yet floral fragrance is a versatile scent suitable for any time of the year.

Its top notes are a blend of mandarin, neroli, and mimosa, giving it a bright and fresh start. Its heart notes of chamomile, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and cedarwood provide a soft floral touch.

Its warm base notes of sandalwood, amber, and musk give the fragrance a warm and inviting finish, akin to the feeling of finally returning home after a long day out.

Moonlit Camomile has a subtle and intimate sillage which is perfect for a date night out, or a quiet evening rendezvous in an alfresco dining setting.