Film & Fragrance: Olfactory Dive into Wong Kar Wai’s Cinema

Experience the wonder of Wong Kar Wai’s dreamy films with these fragrances.

Travel to 90s Hong Kong with the musky, ashy smell of cigarette ash, colourful florals of osmanthus and Pu’erh tea for a truly immersive experience in director Wong Kar-Wai’s representation of Hong Kong in his critically acclaimed films
In the Mood for Love (2000), Chung King Express (1994) and Fallen Angels (1995).

On the big screen is a sensuous meld of colour against the backdrop of Hong Kong to explore themes of love and loss within the intimacy of closed doors. Read on to discover our fragrance recommendations for an authentic olfactory experience in Wong Kar Wai’s world of cinema. 

“Cinema can be the citric scent of a peeled orange, the touch of warm skin through a silk stocking; or simply a darkened space bathed in anticipation.” — Wong Kar Wai

In The Mood for Love (2000)

Elegant qipaos, coiffed hair and tailored suits are the costume backbone for this visual masterpiece set in 1960s Hong Kong. Revel in the musky woodiness of incense and sweet, earthy sandalwood with Carolina Herrera 212 Men EDT. 

Layered with spices, the delightful twang of ginger and a finishing smokiness with the incense, this fragrance is the epitome of In The Mood for Love.

Following Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung’s brilliant performance in their restrained romance, 212 Men EDT captures the final burial of their romance with natural, smoky notes reminiscent of Leung’s alleyway smoking and lush fauna of Angkor Wat in the film’s closing scene.

View more details on Carolina Herrera 212 Men EDT here.


Chung King Express (1994)

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Chung King Express is set in the brightly illuminated alleys, with lively interactions and a close look into the magic of everyday life in Hong Kong. 

With the gentle pulse of California Dreamin’ in the background, this film offers a playful spin on love and loss that is equally romantic and endearing.

Our fragrance of choice for this film is Anna Sui’s Secret Wish EDT, a fruity, floral fragrance that encapsulates the playful undertone of Faye Wong’s daytime market escapade.

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Complete with the juicy notes of pineapple and blackcurrant, this fragrance is a tropical wonderland for the senses to experience Chung King Express.

View more details on Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT here


Fallen Angels (1995)

Released just one year after Chung King Express, Fallen Angels is classified as a neo-noir crime thriller, with a rightfully darker colour palette.

Wong explores the themes of loneliness and alienation within the urban and bustling Hong Kong in Fallen Angels.

With its characters seeking solace in temporal relationships, Mercedes Benz’ Man Private EDT perfectly captures the euphoric rush when one forges a connection within an alienating setting, and the gradual fading as this relationship fizzles into the faint outline of a memory.

The cashmere wood base note perfectly captures the feeling of isolation in the dead of the night in an urban city. 

View more details on the Mercedes Benz’ Man Private EDT here.


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