Empowering You: Spot and Stop Love Bombing

“You are an absolute star! What would we do without you? 

Tell me all about your childhood trauma, who hurt you? 

I got you this 18K white gold bracelet for our first month-versary. 

I feel depressed, I need you by my side for the rest of my life.” 

That ladies and gents, we call Love Bombing - psychological and emotional abuse masked by narcissistic personality disorder to gain control in a relationship. Often, love bombing is related to romantic partners but news flash, it can show up in ANY and ALL forms of relationships in your life. 

One moment you are on top of the world with all the validation, attention, and affirmations you’ve ever wanted. Deep, intense conversations and getting SPOILED with lavish gifts. Like hello, it sounds like a dream?!?! 

While you’re blinded by these extravagant acts, your love bomber enters the chat with conning, manipulation, and abuse. From feeling like you are on cloud 9, keep your tissues close because they would belittle, manipulate, and devalue you time and time again. 

Signs and sentences to look out for to steer clear of love bombers! 

“There is no one better than you, you have to help us!” Flattery from a superior at a workplace to get things their way. 

“I want to spoil you.” Excessive gifts from your romantic partner within a short period of time in your relationship. 

“What happened in your childhood for you to react this way?” Getting personal way too early on with friendships, romantic interests, and colleagues. 

“You will be my side forever, right?” If you feel guilty for wanting space or implementing boundaries, it’s a no-go. Love bombing can seem like this from a parent. 

Once you are hooked onto your love bomber, IT IS OKAY that you are attached to them in ways you can’t even begin to explain because they simply, see you for WHO YOU ARE but don’t get it twisted as narcissists set target on individuals with deep-rooted insecurities and exploit them without a care in the world. 

The moment you CHOOSE to acknowledge that you are getting love bombed, safely remove yourself from an abusive situation and seek support outside of the relationship. Take small, slow steps based on your circumstances because there is no bulletproof solution we can provide you. 

We hope red isn’t your favourite colour when spotting them out in people!