Efficient packing for your ✨organized mess✨

Year-end season calls for travel planning or heading out to your destination itself. And that’s the signal to get packin! Yes, packing can be dreadful, we FEEL you on that! We never show up empty-handed and this week we’ve put together a list of helpful travel essentials that should make it into your carry-on or check-in luggage. 

1. Cancelling noise pollution 

Anybody a fan of crying babies or the revving engine of an airplane while you trying to sleep onboard? Didn’t think so! Put them on and you will have a serene, immersive, soundscape for your music, podcast, and video experiences. Keep em close but don’t miss out on flight information announcements. That’s not on us!

2. Atomisers > fragile perfume bottles 

You’ve got no time to be lugging around your full-sized perfume bottles and dealing with possible spillage! Compact and travel-friendly perfume atomisers are designed for convenience making it a great travel companion. In need of a refresh while on a business trip, romantic getaway, or family vacation? You best believe your handy-dandy atomiser has your back! Bring along your signature scent or perfumes that suits the destination you are headed to. You never have to compromise on smelling fantastic! 

3. Packing cubes to the rescue! 

Grab em and thank us when it’s an absolute breeze when picking out your outfit and unpacking your cubes when you are back home. These lightweight, durable cubes come in various sizes and are designed to fit neatly in your luggage. Not only can your items be categorized in your luggage but it maximizes space within your suitcase! No iron? No problem! As packing cubes prevent wrinkling and creasing ensuring that you are ready to hit the town once you arrive! 

4. Universal Adapter, a 4lyfer 

Purchase this one time and you are set for your travels down the road. A universal adapter simplifies all your powering needs while you explore the world. It accommodates a wide range of plug types and voltages for varying countries. No compatibility issues on your end as your phone, laptop, camera, and other gadgets will be charged up. Gotta make sure your phone is powered up for the Instagram-worthy moments! 

5. Applications for survival 

Don’t take off without these apps installed! Navigation, translation, and currency conversion apps are indispensable tools while you are exploring. They streamline essential tasks, saving you time and effort during your travels. Navigating apps help you find your way in unfamiliar places, translation apps bridge language barriers, and currency exchange apps eliminate the need to search for physical exchange spots. It’s all about EFFICIENCY and giving you confidence while traveling. These apps can be used offline in many cases, making them accessible even in areas with limited internet connectivity. Pick up a local SIM card and you will be set! 

6. Compression socks 

You ain’t got no time to waste with having leg issues! A travel must-have, these specially designed socks apply gentle pressure to your legs to keep em comfortable and healthy during your long journeys. It’s proven to improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of swelling and leg fatigue during flights or road trips. They will have your legs feeling refreshed and ready to explore once you hit the ground! Did we mention they’re compact and easy to pack? 

It would be a shame if these essentials don’t make it into your luggage! You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the convenience and other benefits these products bring. 

Enjoy your trip for us!