Debunking perfume Myths and Facts

Let’s hit rewind on perfume history, taking you back to early civilization. It's no surprise that perfume has amassed its fair share of myths and misconceptions over time. In this blog, we are getting to debunking some of the most common perfume myths and getting your facts straight! 

1. Rubbing perfume into your skin is = the scent lasting longer 

Hate to break it to you but it’s a myth! Please stop rubbing perfume as it degrades the scent while it’s fresh by forcibly mixing it with your natural oils. Dabbing goes a long way! Lightly dab the scent into your wrist and neck and you are all set. 

2. Perfumes never EXPIRE! 

Could not be more UNTRUE! Perfumes do expire, but the expiration window varies based on how they are formulated. Most perfumes expire after two to five years, while some can last up to 10 years. With I’VRE, you never have to worry about this issue! You can subscribe and receive over 200 different luxury scents in our atomisers monthly for only $16.95 here

3. Perfume is the final touch before heading out 

Contrary to popular belief, fragrance is commonly described as the finishing touch of a routine, but applying your perfume right after your shower helps the fragrance last longer. The scent will last longer on SQUEAKY CLEAN skin as layers of dirt or oil can interfere with the fragrance. 

4. It smells the same on everyone! 

No way, Jose! Our skin is unique with different skin pH, body temperature, and our diets play a role. That is why a perfume that smells amazing on your friend may not smell as good on you. Thus, it is always good to patch-test your skin to identify how it will smell on you! – Check out our guide to perfume sampling!

5. Perfumes should be sprayed in the air and walked through

As glamorous as that may be, most of the perfume lands in the air instead of your skin, making it inefficient and wasting all that goodness?! It’s a no from us. Perfumes work best when sprayed directly to the skin at pulse points, commonly the neck and wrists. Don’t forget about these spots! 

Now that you’ve got your facts straightened out, you know how to treat your new perfumes right. And you already know to get it from us!