Battle Zone: Niche vs. Designer Fragrances

Loius Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel Dior, YSL, and many many more. Ah, all the esteemed designer brands you can think of. Their perfumes should do the job, right? But what about the sea of fragrances out there that aren’t pushed upon us? 

You see, currently, perfumes signify more than just a sensory experience. It is an accessory to self-expression and when it comes to that, one size does not fit all! You want a fragrance that speaks to you, a fragrance that pushes you out of your comfort zone in search of individuality but how do you tell designer and niche fragrances apart? 

Leave it to us! 

Niche fragrances, she’s a peculiar one! 

It is exactly what it means. Hand crafted by companies dedicated primarily to making perfumes with their target audience being a smaller group of the population. They’re all about higher-quality raw ingredients and unique compositions!

Niche fragrance houses bottle some of the most expensive and rare raw ingredients such as ambergris and frankincense for an absolute indulgent experience. When the names of these ingredients are hard to pronounce, best believe they are some fancy stuff! Coming together with higher caliber ingredients, and the attention to detail given to the construction of notes shapes niche perfumes to be more complex and nuanced. 

Designer fragrances, she’s a variety girl! 

Fashion houses do not solely focus on creating perfumes, they instead have multiple products in their range from bags, and accessories to shoes. Seeing that they mass-produce their fragrances, exploring broader notes and inclusion of unique ingredients are not part of the equation! They rather play it safe with already popular notes in the market. 

Now, as you look for your next favourite scent, apart from the varying price ranges, ask yourself what do you truly desire? Would you prefer something more crowd-pleasing or something that’s unapologetically you?

There is no judgment on which ones you have on your vanity!


Are you more into niche or designer perfumes? Let us know and don’t be shy to browse our website for both options! 🤑