Best Perfumes for this Christmas Season

Deck your halls with snug, cosy fragrances that will keep you and your guests feeling warm.


This end-of-year season, expect cold mornings, warm sweaters, and a piping hot cup of coffee to keep warm in the cooler, rainy weather. This holiday season, relax into cosiness and comfort with a holiday fragrance while you enjoy a cup of toffee nut latte and gingerbread cookies.

For Her

Stay cosy while remaining chic with an air of class in your Yuletide celebrations. Stun, surprise and turn heads with these lovely fragrances that are sure to put you in the mood for Christmas, whether you are spending the night in or heading out.

Perk up the holiday lanquidity with LOEWE's fragrance cocktail featuring warm notes of amber and flora that is perfect for the milder weather in the holiday season. Expect a citrusy twang to strike your senses and be reinvigorated by the pleasantly sharp twist.
Complement your spiced lattes with sweet, creamy flavours and orange undertone that is absolutely in harmony with the cosy vibes this Chrismas season. Whether you are going on a night out with friends, or simply nestling in your couch to watch Netflix, this delectable fragrance dries into an intoxicating vanilla scent that is the perfect accompaniment to any event.


For Him

Keep things classy with musky notes and a touch of spunk with hints of spices for a special, olfactory mix for the holiday season with these perfumes.
Y Eau de Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent
Bask in the woody notes from this fragrance for an elegant and masculine vibe. This scent boasts a special combination of fruity green apple notes melded together with the spicy ginger, ringing the bells of a familiar Christmas combination to evoke nostalgia and warmth.
Versace EROS Flame
Take your Christmas to new heights with Versace EROS Flame's warm rendition of spicy notes and lingering sweetness. Opening with the herbal aroma of rosemary, this fragrance dries into a dreamy vanilla and tonka bean base for the ultimate Christmas fragrance this holiday season.


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