Advise we wish we knew earlier

Your 20s are a unique time to be alive, partying hard through every weekend and getting your life together for your future self is both accepted and encouraged! 

Ultimately, It's a time of self-discovery, personal growth, and the transition into tiresome adulthood. As you navigate this exciting but challenging period, there are several important life lessons you could do differently to set a solid foundation to get you movin' when adulthood knocks at your door! 

1. Your comfort zone = gettin nowhere 

We bet you’ve heard the term, no risk no reward and there is no exception when it comes to staying in your comfort zone. Take a look at your current comfort zone, are you sure it is not holding you back? 

If you don’t TRY to leave your comfort zone, how will you ever know of the greener pastures that are out there for you? Opportunities beyond your imagination await you and you are the only person that is standing in the way of it. 

2. Spending beyond your means 

You do not need another designer perfume or wallet, your bank account is weeping babe! Splurging on unnecessary wants and prioritising them, is poor money management. Alternatively, budget and manage your money efficiently, and you can still afford some luxury goods! 

For instance, subscribe to I’VRE and enjoy smelling divine while on a budget! The possibilities are endless. 

3. Oversharing on social media 

Hate to break it to you but not everyone wishes to celebrate your wins with you. Heard of the evil eye? It can be REAL when there are numerous eyeballs focused on your account. 

Appreciate your Instagram-worthy moments in private! We just want to keep you safe away from bad juju! 

4. Staying in toxic relationships with the fear of being alone 

Been there, done that and let us tell you something, IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Truth is, it will definitely be intimidating the first few times you are spending alone time, but sooner or later you will come to realize how strong and independent you are for it. 

It takes a whole lot of courage to just SIT AND ENJOY YOUR OWN COMPANY. Take the leap, and do it for YOURSELF, you deserve to unlock all your potential. 

There’s no guidebook on navigating your 20s, it is THE TIME to make mistakes and most importantly learn from them because if not now then when, exactly?